The University's Unethical Investment Policy
This Association Notes:
That as has been highlighted by several newspaper reports, the University of Edinburgh holds shares, through an investment company, in the arms manufacturer New British Aerospace.
That the University’s Lecturers’ pensions are invested, through the nationwide University Superannuation Scheme, in companies including New British Aerospace.
That New British Aerospace, which was formed by the merger of GEC Marconi and British Aerospace, makes weapons which have been sold to repressive regimes which have used them to kill and torture thousands of civilians around the world.
This Association Believes:
That it is inconsistent with the aims of an educational institution to invest in companies which provide governments with the means to repress their own people.
That the University of Edinburgh should adopt an ethical investment policy.
That by investment in these companies the University is condoning the aims of these regimes.
That Edinburgh University Students should be informed that the University invests in New British Aerospace.
This Association Resolves:
To mandate the President to lobby the University through court, email, etc. To adopt an ethical investment policy.
To mandate the Students’ Representative Council to send class reps in the termly mailing the ‘Ethics for USS’ campaign’s lectures information leaflet.
To mandate VPS to publicise in HYPE the University’s presently unethical investment policy and the level of proposed opposition to it.
Passed at the March 1999 General Meeting