King's Buildings Allotment
This Association Notes:
That any publicly funded bodies need to consider issues of biodiversity during decision-making.
The University of Edinburgh Energy & Sustainability Office has information on biodiversity on their website and encourages people to plant “nectar-rich flowers to attract butterflies, or fruit-bearing trees and shrubs to attract birds”.
The Estates & Buildings at the University of Edinburgh are currently carrying out a biodiversity audit of the King’s Buildings.
There exists a university allotment at the King’s Buildings, accessible to all University students and staff.
There are fruit trees, flowers and vegetable plants on the students’ allotment.
Development of the King’s Buildings Biology department could threaten the existence of the allotment within 3 years.
A lot of work has already been done on the allotment to remove invasive species and improve soil quality using compost and crop rotation over a number of years.
This Association Believes:
The allotment will promote biodiversity at the King’s buildings.
Biodiversity should be promoted by EUSA and by the University of Edinburgh
Students need a relaxation area separate from the academic environment.
The allotment should not be destroyed for any development of the site.
This Association Resolves:
To mandate the President to work with the Energy and Sustainability Office and the Estates and Buildings department and campaign to ensure the allotment is not destroyed for development.
Passed at the November 2008 General Meeting