Fairtrade NUS
This Association Notes:
Existing EUSA policy in support of Fairtrade.
Existing NUS policy in support of Fairtrade.
That as a result of pressure from EUSA and Edinburgh students, NUSSL is considering moving towards creating a hot beverages product area that will be 100% Fairtrade.  A motion will be going to NUSSL AGM about this.
EUSA’s motion to NUS Conference in support of NUSSL becoming 100% Fairtrade for hot beverages.
That supporters of the Fairtrade NUS campaign include Oxfam, Fairtrade Foundation, Trade Justice Movement, several MPs, MSPs and numerous other students’ unions.
This Association Believes:
That NUS is an avenue through which EUSA can export some of its policies such as its support for Fairtrade.
That with NUS’s existing support of Fairtrade comes a responsibility to act.
That there are no financial or commercial barriers to other unions becoming suppliers of 100% Fairtrade for hot beverages as default.
That NUS has the potential to encourage other unions to make the switch to Fairtrade and that EUSA should be pushing for this within NUS.
This Association Resolves:
To support moves by NUSSL towards becoming 100% Fairtrade for hot beverages, by voting for the relevant motions at NUSSL AGM and NUS Conference.
To work with NUS to create a pack to be distributed by NUS to all of its Constituent Members including information on:
  • The ethical argument in favour of Fairtrade.
  • Suppliers of Fairtrade available through NUSSL.
  • The commercial impact of switching to Fairtrade based on the experience of existing Fairtrade Universities.
  • How other unions can make the switch to 100% Fairtrade for hot beverages, including a model motion they can pass at their union.
To work with NUS to foster links between NUS and external organisations involved with the Fairtrade movement.
To lobby NUS to encourage unions to switch to Fairtrade by putting on events at its Environment Conference, Freshers Fayres and at other relevant NUS events.
Passed at the February 2006 General Meeting