Fair Trade Month
This Association Notes:
That Trade is a central issue in the process of development and the present unfair trading relationships directly affect the lives of the world’s poor.
That the price of non-fuel commodities has fallen by a third, in real terms, since the 1970s and in the 1980s reached the lowest level since the Great Depression.
That coffee is the world’s most valuable traded commodity after oil.
The sale of CafeDirect in supermarkets, which is sponsored by Oxfam and ensures a fair price for the workers is grown in an environmentally sustainable way.
The formation of an independent Fair Trade foundation, supported by several development organisations, to assess companies which apply for a Fair Trade mark.
The success of Third World First! Coffee tasting, Open to Question and the overwhelming support for this resolution at the 1st AGM, which has demonstrated an interest in Trade and a demand for Fair Trade goods.
That CafeDirect tastes much better than the present coffee available in Union catering outlets.
This Association Believes:
The success of CafeDirect will encourage other companies to see a market demand for ‘people friendly’ products and a natural progression from ‘environmentally friendly’ products.
EUSA’s support for this Fair Trade initiative will have a significant impact due to its nature as the largest Student Association.
Students should have the right to a choice of ethical products.
This Association Resolves:
  2. To mandate the Vice-President (Services) to ensure that CafeDirect is stocked in Union shops and properly advertised with posters inside the shops and a window display about CafeDirect and the issue of Trade in the Potterrow shop.
  4. To mandate the Vice-President (Services) to exchange the present coffee for CafeDirect in the largest catering outlets, i.e. Potterrow, Teviot, DHT and the Library and investigate the possibility of introducing it in other Union catering outlets.
  6. To mandate the Vice-President (Services) to raise awareness of this initiative towards fairer trade by publicising the resolution in Freshers’ mailing, in Midweek and permanent posters in Union shops and catering outlets.
  8. To mandate the Vice-President (Services) to contact Northern Services to give a quote for bulk supply of CafeDirect.
  10. To mandate the Vice-President (Services) to write to Northern Services and all the companies which supply EUSA with goods sourced in the Developing World; informing them that preferential shelving will be given for products which gain the Fair Trade mark.
Passed at the March 1994 General Meeting