Baby Milk Action Coalition Nescafe Boycott
This Association Notes:
That according to UNICEF approximately 1 million babies die each year from the sue of breast milk substitutes.
That Nestle is the world’s largest manufacturer of breast milk substitutes.
The adoption in 1981 of the International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes by WHO and Unicef.
The aggressive was Nestle markets its baby milk products in the Third World, in violation of the WHO/UNICEF code.
The national boycott of Nestle being organised by the Baby Milk Action Coalition and recently endorsed by the General Synod of the Church of England. As part of the international campaign to force manufacturers to abide by the WHO/UNICEF code.
This Association Believes:
That deaths related to the use of breast milk substitutes are unnecessary and avoidable.
A campaign to boycott Nescafe would focus attention on the reprehensible actions of the company.
This Association Resolves:
  2. To mandate the Union shops to stop selling Nescafe coffee immediately and for as long as BMAC acknowledge that Nestle is not complying with the WHO/UNICEF code.
  4. To publicise the Nestle boycott throughout the University.
Passed at the February 1992 General Meeting