EUSA operates a zero tolerance approach to drugs within our buildings.
  • Anyone suspected of carrying or dealing drugs will be asked to submit to search and if they refuse will be removed from the premises.
  • If drugs are found during the search or if there is any solid evidence of drug taking/dealing (such as a reliable eye witness statement) then the police will be called to deal with the situation.
  • Full details of the events/search must be recorded including names, timings and any statements taken.
  • Any person working in the building is expected to report any suspicious behaviour or items that they may have witnessed immediately to their line manager or security.
  • Security staff are trained to identify customers who maybe under the influence following drug use. Staff are asked to look after anyone who maybe suffering from drug use and are taken to the first aid area. Paramedics are called after being assessed by the first aider on site.
  • Customers are not permitted to enter the premises if under the influence of drugs or excess of alcohol. 
  • Any drugs confiscated would be placed in a “tamper proof” money/bank envelope – signed and dated by the manager and finally stored in the money safe until the police arrive for collection.