Discipline Structure
EUSA Discipline Structure
The following are guidelines for bans for individuals whose behaviour does not meet the minimum 
standard required to be on Edinburgh University Students’ Association premises. Banning lengths may take into account severity and circumstances hence the range of banning lengths listed below. Any ban issued applies to all EUSA. Should any person found to breach their ban they will automatically have the length of their ban doubled. 

Banning lengths:

Minor Altercation / Verbal altercation: up to three months

Breach of the Peace: up to six months

Racial/Homophobic abuse - Minor verbal: three months - two years

Aggravated Racial/Homophobic Abuse: two years - ten years

Minor Assault: six months - one year

Assault to Injury: one year - three years

Serious Assault: three - five years

Serious Assault with a weapon: five - ten years

Serious Assault with very serious injury: life

Attempted murder and anything above: life

Indecent exposure: up to one year

Sexual Harassment: one year - three years

Sexual assault: life

Theft, or attempted theft: up to five years

Drugs Personal possession: up to six months

Drug Dealing and Possession of Drugs: one year - life ban

Threats Minor: up to six months

Threats - Serious: ten years to life

Fail to quit license premises: up to three months

Drunk and Incapable: up to three months

Vandalism: three months - life       

Under-age Offences: banned from incident date until six months past 18th birthday

Accessory to or assisting in any under age offenses: one year

Possession of an Offensive Weapon: two years to five years


Should a person wish to appeal any decision resulting in a ban then they can do so in writing to:

Rachel Dyas

Bars Manager

Edinburgh University Students’ Association


5/2 Bristo Square