Students' Association Policy

The majority of Students' Association Policy is decided and voted on by students and elected student representatives at Student Council as set out in our Constitution and Student Democracy Regulations.
We also have some policies which govern our internal operations, for example our Safe Space Policy and Drugs Policy - these are not voted on by students but are written and agreed by the Association Executive, which is led by the Sabbatical Officers and the Trustee Board, which is chaired by the Students' Association President and includes elected Student Trustees.
In this section you'll find all the motions passed by our Student Council and at our General Meetings which directs the way we work and represent our students.

Click on the titles above to search our policies by topic.
If you have an idea for a motion you would like to propose then you can submit it using our online form or come along to an External, Academic or Welfare Committee meeting to run your ideas past others.
If you can't find the policy you are looking for, please send an email to to let us know.
Please note that Student Council policy passed 4 years ago automatically lapses unless it is renewed by Student Council.