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Le Malade Imaginaire

Le Malade Imaginaire

Fri 17 March 2017 19:30-22:00

Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9SU


Argan is a hypochondriac, obsessed with obtaining cures for his imagined maladies... So obsessed and egoïste, in fact, that he betroths his eldest daughter, Angélique, to a young doctor so that he can always be attended to.
Angélique, meanwhile, has her own intentions in love, and has set her eyes on the handsome Cléante. In a patriarchal world, her and her impertinent maid, Toinette, must utilise their limited autonomy to convince Argan that Cléante is the one she should marry. Complicating it all, the monetarily ambitious second wife of Argan, Béline, a court Jester ‘Polichinelle' and a troupe of riotous ravens all cause chaos…


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