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Edinburgh Christian Union Events Week: Something More 2017

Edinburgh Christian Union Events Week: Something More 2017

Mon 30 Jan 2017 08:00 - Fri 03 Feb 2017 20:00

Chaplaincy and Greyfriars Kirk


The EUCU events week is a week of lunch time talks/events every day, at both the Central and Kings campuses' with free lunches and evening events at Greyfriars Kirk. The week of events is called: Something More.


Life is all there is to life. Death is all there is to death. Or is there Something More?


Edinburgh Christion Union presents a week of events, in conjunction with other Christian Unions aross Edinburgh’s universities.

Every lunch time there will be a free lunch and talk at both Central and King’s campuses looking at life’s big questions. 

Each evening in Greyfriars Kirk we will have a selection of thought-provoking speakers talk through tough questions and discuss the evidence to believe that there is something more. 

We think there is something more to life and death, and we want a chance to explore the issues with you.


Find out when our lunch time and evening events are on our website or join the Facebook event for updates.