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Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night

Wed 13 January 2021 19:30-22:00

Theatre Paradok


We are Theatre Paradok, and we are experimental without being exclusive! Paradok welcomes everyone to another open mic night! We’re accepting prose, poetry, music, comedy...you name it, we’re excited for a variety of things! We won’t go all the way through the night (though that would be the ultimate dedication to art) so we’re capping the amount of performances. As a result, it will be first come first served, so be sure to reserve a spot, using our form below! We will be streaming and performing LIVE because we decided that the interactions and live feedback of a loved performance is simply too good to give up. However, if you’d like to send in a pre-videoed performance (maybe you’re not comfortable performing or have an unsteady Wifi connection), just complete the form and tick that you’d like to send in a video instead and we shall be in contact with you. We’ll also discuss with each performer any other special requirements, necessary content warnings and other concerns they might have to ensure the night is conducted safely and sensitively. The night will be free for all performers, and anyone who just wishes to come and watch! This is the link to sign up to perform: https://forms.gle/mP5hZJwNhMNCKa9u6 Here is the link to receive a link to join in your inbox: https://forms.gle/xu2pPGeo9Be7Lwnn7 Hope to see you there!

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