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Flavours of Racism

Flavours of Racism

Wed 28 October 2020 19:00-20:30

Online Event

Join Black activists as they discuss the complex and sometimes subtle racism that Black people experience. Expect some spice.


??We will be announcing a our panel one by one as we build up the event??

How racist does someone have to be before they are "a racist"? Does it matter? Are microagressions actually micro? How does white supremacy manifest in every day life?

These are some of the topics and themes that our fantastic panel will be tackling in Flavours of Racism. Taking a no holds barred approach, we want to have a frank conversation about racism.

This is not an event that aims to assuage white guilt. Instead we want to provide Black activists space to speak their mind and for the black community at the University of Edinburgh to articulate the reality of the racism that we face.

We hope that black attendees will leave the event righteously angry but also having had their experiences validated.

We would like white attendees to leave having a sense of the scale of the racism we face as well as understanding that the onus to be actively anti-racist is on them, not just the black people they know.

The zoom link will be sent with the confirmation of your booking. The password will be sent 24 hours prior to the event.

Please not that at this event, like every Edinburgh University Students' Association event, we will be enforcing our safer spaces policy.


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