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Mental Health: What happens when our minds turn against us?

Mental Health: What happens when our minds turn against us?

Thu 14 November 2019 18:00-19:30

Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 2



This year, Edinburgh University Neurological Society is initiating a series of evening events, each tackling distinct neurological health concern. November’s talk will be dedicated to mental health. Each event would involve two speakers, a preclinical scientist and a clinician/clinician scientist, providing TED-Ed styled talks one after the other. This would be followed by a panel discussion involving the audience. By pairing speakers with expertise across the translational spectrum of distinct biological mechanisms, we aim to bring into focus to the importance of translational neuroscience and collaboration between clinicians and preclinical scientists.


For our first event in October focused on neurodegeneration and regeneration, we sold over 200 tickets within two days of announcing the event. The TED-Ed style aims to provide a broad overview of these topics that would be suitable for an audience from any background, from the public to students to professionals. We hope that learning about these topics from research team-leaders will kindle interest in the advancing fields and educate the audience on not only the science of mental health, but also break the stigma of mental illness by bringing to light the physical changes of the brain and genetic basis associated with mental health disorders.