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Artist Talk: ‘Blended Cotton’ by Niámh Mundy

Artist Talk: ‘Blended Cotton’ by Niámh Mundy

Tue 08 October 2019 18:30-20:00

Room 2.12, Appleton Tower, University of Edinburgh

R Sustainable


Niámh Mundy is an Edinburgh based product designer interested in material innovation. In particular, her practice endeavours to find sustainable, end-of-life solutions for one of the worlds most environmentally damaging natural fibres - cotton. Her graduate project "Blended" is a series of experimental composite materials derived from a blend of bioplastic resins and cotton textile waste. This composite was designed specifically for the purpose of lengthening the lifespan of textiles commonly used within the fashion industry. These composites can be used in a range of different industries and ways, from sound insulation to clothes hangers. Whilst the materials made are only as biodegradable as the cotton fabrics used within, these materials demonstrate new ways of using cotton and reducing waste