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Fears and Dreams of Intelligent Machines

Fears and Dreams of Intelligent Machines

Wed 09 October 2019 18:00-21:00

Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 5



Since ancient times our imagination has been captivated by the stories of automata and intelligent machines: stories of Golem or Hephaestus’s golden servants were followed in modern times by sci-fi literature and films. Can we create them? Will they surpass us? If you're interested in the sci-fi, cyborgs and singularities or the realities of machine learning and how they will inform politics and social change in the coming years then our event will be of interest to you.


We have invited speakers from a range of disciplines: machine learning, humanities, philosophy and cognitive science to discuss the dreams and fears we have for the creation of AI from the popular imagination as well as the reality of what AI and Machine Learning currently is and the prospects for the future.