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Thou, Moloch & Endless Swarm

Thou, Moloch & Endless Swarm

Thu 18 July 2019 19:00-22:00

Wee Red Bar


Braw Gigs & Auld Deaf Ears Present

Born out of the swampy humidity of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, sludge metal band Thou are as massive as they are prolific. Thou's sound blends the shuddering heaviness of doom with the oppressive atmospherics of black metal, giving the band a monolithic sound that feels, at times, inescapable. Thou have maintained a strictly D.I.Y. philosophy, booking their own tours and making their music available for free download.

Abrasive sludge metal from Nottingham.
"Combining doom’s long-form punishment, sludge’s self-immolating riffs and hardcore’s throat-punching nihilism, Nottingham sludge metal OGs Moloch are a case in point. Birthed from East Midlands hardcore, Moloch are a consciously punishing and unrelenting beast, stripping the groove out of classic NOLA sludge and utilising the kind of dissonance and negative space perfected by Burning Witch to come up with a unique take on the genre that’s more existential hangover than dope high."

Endless Swarm
Edinburgh powerviolence/grindcore.
"Taking classic powerviolence sounds (lightning speed hardcore riffs, disgustingly overdriven bass tones and that gruff, angry caveman vocal style) and combining it with elements of old school grindcore and death metal, Endless Swarm’s furious, hyperkinetic style ticks all the right boxes without falling into cliche, with songs like ‘Maladaption’ and ‘Prototype’ coming across like a drunken bar brawl between Infest and Assück."

Thursday 18th July
The Wee Red Bar
Lady Lawson Street
doors 7pm, will be finished sharp.
over 14s with an adult
wheelchair accessible venue