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Blue Monday - An Alternative 80s Club Night

Blue Monday - An Alternative 80s Club Night

Mon 09 September 2019 21:00-03:00

Teviot Underground





After Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis’ tragic passing, the remaining members took the studio with in search of a new direction. Inspired by pioneering electronic music from bands like Kraftwerk and genres such as Italo Disco, they entered a new decade with a new ethos. Their live instruments now accompanied by the newfangled synthesisers, sequencers and drum machines of the time, a cohesive sound began to take shape. In 1982, the legendary “Blue Monday” was penned, perfectly encapsulating the sound of a new era. An alliance had been forged between the seemingly incompatible worlds of rock and dance music, without losing the attitude of one or the delight of the other. A timeless anthem, “Blue Monday” is to this day the best selling 12” single of all time. The symbiotic momentum generated by hits such as Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” and The Human Leagues “Don’t You Want Me” had established the sound of the next generation and paved the way for the meteoric rise of the New Wave sound. Unifying the voguish New Romantic club scene with the anarchic aesthetics of their Post Punk predecessors, New Wave music shaped one of the most distinctive subcultures in the modern history of fashion, art, and music.