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StorySlam: Greener Fields

StorySlam: Greener Fields

Sun 24 March 2019 19:00-21:30

Teviot, Lounge Bar



Spring is in the works, and with the season comes regeneration, the new. Tell us about that. Tell us about the feeling of liberation after you moved out of your old flat, leaving behind that family of mice and creaky floorboards.


Tell us when you finally came to understand that the stress of leaving your comfort zone was worth it - as the new relationships and memories you gained prove. Your hopes, your disappointments, your journeys - and whether you got there in the end or not. Tell us, was the grass greener on that or this side?


Put your name in a hat and if your name is drawn, tell us a story that in some way incorporates this month’s theme - “GREENER FIELDS”. You don't need to have a story, but remember - our night depends on audience members sharing their tales, so don’t hesitate to share yours!