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How to be a Better Ally to Sexual Assault Survivors

How to be a Better Ally to Sexual Assault Survivors

Sat 17 November 2018 14:00-16:00

LG.10, David Hume Tower


Whether you’re a survivor and want to gain support and improve your well-being through solidarity from others, or you’re someone who wants to help a friend but doesn’t quite know how, this workshop is open to anyone who wants to learn in a safe space.


We will be talking about the ways individuals can take active action before, during, and after a situation unfolds, and we will also start to provide tools to enact change that can help shift our culture to one that does not allow sexual assault to happen.


We hope that individuals will leave this workshop feeling empowered to be an active ally to survivors of sexual assault through their daily life - to help build a positive and supportive community, which moves forward stronger.


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