Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Faith, Belief Systems and Spiritual Development)

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Angus Forbes-Cable

I will make my manifesto brief, as I don’t believe this is a role that is taken very seriously at the university.

I’m a third year history undergrad and a lapsed Catholic. I would like to continue the good work of the last Religious Officer, George, to protect the interests of the university’s religious societies and maintain the Chaplaincy as a prominent institution within Edinburgh Uni. I would also like to ensure that funding awarded to the Chaplaincy for promotion of evensong and university services is spent accordingly.

I can’t say I have a lot of personal experience with EUSA, though I’ve heard a lot of negative things about it from a wide variety of students, including some who have themselves worked in it. The impression I have been given is that it is overly repressive, bureaucratic and insincere in its claim to represent all of the university’s students. In fact, I can’t say I’ve heard a single positive thing said about EUSA in all my three years of being at Edinburgh, which to me seems a great shame. I would like to gain a greater understanding of EUSA and how it works, as I expect to be dealing with similar institutions in the future.

I’ll try my best but I’m afraid I can’t promise much. I will listen with a genuinely open mind to anyone who wishes to voice any issues with me, and I will raise any concerns in EUSA meetings if needs be.