Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Gaming and Roleplaying)

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Chenchen Zha

Hi everyone, I am ChenChen, currently a year one student studying Economics and mathematics. I am from China but learned in Zimbabwe since primary school.

Since secondary school, I have been researching and leading a sustainable project which involves water purification as many people in Zimbabwe do not have access to clean drinking water. I have formed a sustainable development hub online in Zimbabwe in which we target the water problems to help people fight against covid-19. I have helped in leading science fair teams. I participated actively in different clubs when I was in high school, such as the debating team, quiz team, rugby team, environmental club, and fundraising activities. In my last year of high school, my friends and I have helped in a childcare program. Currently, I am the class representative of Economics 1 and fundraising and advertising representative for ESPA. I understand the importance of being creative in designing activities, which I have done in open days in my high school and the university's maths outreach team. During this challenging time, I will do my best to represent you, such as listening to your feedback and being creative to improve your student experiences, whether it is online or offline. 

Sometimes I feel I had a hard time trying to speak up, mainly because I did not know anyone well online. I hope to help anyone who has the same difficulty as I had during this difficult time and to have more fun! I am hoping to motivate more students to participate more actively in online activities. My priority will be your suggestions, and I understand it is essential to have better student experiences for all of you in the next academic year. I will make questionnaires to listen to your suggestions, for designing different activities that most of you would prefer and I will bring it up during meetings. Also, I am open to suggestions about how do think my role in representing you may be improved.