Candidate for the position of Commuter Students' Representative

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Rachel Storrier

My name is Rachel and I am a second year Illustration student. I wanted to run after receiving an email saying that no one had nominated themselves to be a voice for the commuter students. I wanted to make sure that these students go forward with representation and I am so happy to see that others have put themselves forward for this very important role. 

I was a student representative at my college before starting at Edinburgh Univeristy and I really enjoyed the role where I offered support to my classmates and felt part of a community and would be happy to take on the role at Edinburgh to support commuting students in any way that I can.

If I am elected I will support students and make sure to raise any concerns they may have about commuting to University and home and traveling safely. This role is important to me as more students choose to commute to Univeristy having responsibilities that require them to stay at home or have to commute due to costs of living and this group deserves recognition within the University.