Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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Jacintha Chen

Putting The 'U' Back In EdUcation!

My name is Jacintha, I'm a 3rd Year Electronics and Computer Science undergrad and I want to be your VP Education!

I am neither a good or bad student, but I'm definitely a student who's struggled. I am running to represent all students, but especially for those like me who have fallen through the gaps and need that extra hand to succeed. Our situation shouldn’t define our education.

Secondary school seems like a long time ago, but my position as Head Girl gave me a lot of experience in student voice; in leading meetings, facilitating discussions, advocating for students and creating a communicative feedback loop between staff and students. Currently I am a Programme Rep, a member of the BioEngineering Society Committee and part of a Student Experience Study for the School of Engineering.

I hope to bring you an education experience that:


Teaches You!

  • Continue to develop the training of academic staff so their teaching uses engaging and inclusive methods.
  • Utilise appraisals and personal development plans for academic staff which integrate student feedback to enable greater accountability on teaching quality.
  • Keep the student feedback period open to maximise the number of responses.
  • Encourage student feedback, ensure tangible actions are produced from the it and communicate it back to students, thus holding staff accountable.
  • Improve quality of assessment feedback by giving staff guidelines created by students.


Includes You!

  • Working with VP Welfare and Liberation Officers to:
    • Improve staff understanding and awareness on disabilities and mental health and how it can impact learning.
    • Advocate for students who are not receiving learning adjustments – personalised or mainstreamed.
    • Work with the Disability Service to improve the current Learning Adjustment Policy so it is implemented and fits with online learning.
    • Work with the BAME Officer to continue work on reaching the BAME attainment gap and decolonising the curriculum.
  • Working with School Representatives to understand the bigger picture throughout the university.
  • Work with you! I am one student experience in over 40,000 - I want to hear your voice and improve your education!


Supports You!

  • Working with Welfare Team to achieve an academic experience that supports our learning, not deteriorate our mental health.
  • Work on creating better structure for students, especially during online learning.
    • Timetables provided for students to include pre-recorded lectures, committing both student and lecturers to watching and uploading videos.
    • Improve communication on coursework, not only about deadlines, but releasing of assessments.
  • Better support the transitions between stages of education (e.g. secondary school to undergraduate, undergraduate to masters, etc.).


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