Candidate for the position of NUS UK Delegates

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Tumi Akeke

Hello, my name is Tumi and I am a 3rd year Biochemistry student and a MasterCard Foundation Scholar. I am also the founder of The BlackED Movement and Oncoreality. In my 2nd year, I served as the Volunteering Representative for the Students Association where I worked with the Volunteering Coordinator and the Vice President Activities and Services to support and train student volunteers. I have also previously worked as a committee member for two different EUSA societies- Edinburgh University Oncology Society and Edinburgh University Young Scientific Researchers Association.

So why am I telling you all these? Well, I am hoping I can prove to you that I have the previous experience working in many EUSA roles and I have established links with various societies and organisations at the university which would help me serve you better as your representative. Still not convinced? Well, as your NUS UK Delegate, here are the things I hope to achieve:

1. I would raise student voices to a larger audience: I will ensure that I represent the student voice as efficiently as I can. As a student myself, I have faced a lot of struggles at university but I am here to represent your voice at the NUS UK conference. When picking motions for the conference, I would ensure that they are in line with what many student deem as the most important topic/problem which needs to be tackled. I would prioritise these.

2. Ensure that actions are taken on student complaints: As your delegate, I will ensure that the complaints raised with my other delegates are carefully reviewed and actions are actively taken on them. I am here for active representation: to ensure that my presence at the NUS conference makes a change to students lives at the university.

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