Candidate for the position of Social & Political Science Undergraduate School Representative

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Hakim Faizal

Over the last couple of years, the SPS department has taken itself to work on improvements and suggestions. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that we can do much more in order to ensure that every SPS student is happy with what the SPS department does or offers, with or without a long-term global pandemic. 


Should I be elected as the SPS Undergrad School Rep, these are my priorities:

• First: optimise the teaching and learning experience

My benchmark is that any SPS student should be able to make the most out of their modules and be adequately supported throughout, even during a pandemic. We should support the teaching staff and tutors to present learning and information in a number of different formats that work with everyone. We should ensure that we regularly touch base with SPS students, where possible, to ensure that they are at least okay with what is going on and what they need to do.

• Second: review assessments and student progression

While essays and research paper formats remain the traditional cornerstone of academia and not least the SPS department, the department should also not be afraid to tinker with various other assessment formats and methods to enhance student learning and comprehension, especially in light of a pandemic. I will push for formats that are not just manageable but where students can actively and meaningfully build upon their learning experiences, such as weekly reflections rather than solely essays or exams.

• Third: review engagement between SPS faculty and its student

We want to go beyond the fact that you could always email the SPS department if you have any issues or questions. When it's safe enough to visit and study on campus, we should incentivise SPS students and beyond to make greater use of the Crystal MacMillan building. We should foster more active links between SPS students and support groups such as PIR pals and Social Policy Society to maintain a healthy interest and engagement with their degrees and their faculty. We should constantly review and develop a feedback system that gathers more effective views, feedbacks and suggestions, and the same system in which the SPS school can effectively build on to maintain or raise student satisfaction. There should also be ways for genuine and fruitful engagement off-campus, even without a pandemic.


Should I be elected, I will work closely with as many members of the SPS community to ensure that there is always representation and inclusivity. SPS members deserve in wanting to feel proud about being part of the SPS school.