Candidate for the position of President

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Rakshit Dalal

Just a common student who has been part of all the hardship faced by all of us, who could not spend a single day without being concerned about the problems we all face. Dissatisfaction on the faces of students while interacting with them as a representative haunted me throughout the semester and I looked for an opportunity each and every day to stand up for these causes, for a visionary change, for a better semester, for a better day and today I have an opportunity, it is for all of us.


Hi! I am Rakshit, a post-grad student of International Relations. I am standing to be your next EUSA President.

I have been part of student politics since last four years and I was the University President back during my Under-graduation. As a politics student I have been working closely with the functioning of political systems and I have been standing up with the students everywhere, every time they had to go through unfortunate circumstances. Below are such circumstances that made me stand for the EUSA President this year and I believe my experiences, my vision, my determination will come out to be as a strong voice for all of us.

Tuition Fees – A survey conducted by me as a student representative found that 77% of the students are of the strong opinion that there must be a revision with the tuition fees. It is not just about finance but it is about the satisfaction and opinions of the students. I will not let your opinions be suppressed.

Graduation Ceremony- I asked everyone I came across with about their opinion on the notification we received about the online graduation ceremony. I believe that it was too early to announce that impacted many students. Recent notifications by the UK government indicates that it is possible to conduct in person graduation ceremony (with precautions and in small groups).

Functioning of the Societies- I have been part of dozens of university societies throughout my studies and I believe that they are major learning experience. I personally felt that although it was because of restriction that societies could not function properly, however a better experience could have been ensured.

Academic Support- Access to the library has been a major concern, it is understandable that it is because of the government guidelines but pick-ups are always possible and if needed, a facility for the home delivery of the requested books will be set up making it super easy to access your academic resources. Ease of the printing and ample amount of print credit will be provided to every school. I have known people getting 4GBP of print credit which is definitely not sufficient. If the online session continues, office hours will be increased to provide better academic support.

Non-Academic Support- Better living experience at the university accommodations will be ensured and if the restrictions continue, a strong demand will be put forward for the genuine and fair rent deduction.

Why Elect Rakshit?

I have been told that I am a visible and an accountable representative who is always present with the students and this presence will always be ensured via regular communications and one to one meetings. Your voice will always be heard.