Candidate for the position of International Students' Representative

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Marco Antonio Garcia Mendez


Instagram: @Marco4InternationalRep

Hi! I’m Marco, a 3rd Year International Relations Student from Mexico. Should I have the pleasure of being your International Students’ Representative, I want to make sure that those International students who come here have an equal opportunity for academic success and happiness.

My platform’s based on re-focusing ourselves on the key issues that our international students face every single day. We need to re-prioritise, and not only give international students equality of opportunities, but also equality of results.

  • Lobby the University to give further attention and funding to our mental health services: in light of the pandemic, something needs to change.

  • At the beginning of the academic year, host introductory lectures to raise awareness of ongoing mental health issues around the university.

  • Push for the university to guide students towards non-judgmental help that can refer them to relevant services throughout their studies.

  • Drugs: Work closely with EUSA and ResLife in order to foster discourse on the topic. I’ll push for a ‘Drug Awareness’ sessions throughout the year, where students will learn the effects of various types of drugs, how to react in case of emergency and the influence of drug use on mental health. The talk will challenge perceptions and helping people make positive choices about their use of drugs by providing non-judgmental, credible and up to date information and support.

  • Push for greater awareness of the great diversity our university has through the further promotion of already great events such as Black History Month and LGBT+ History Month, amongst others.

  • Set up more peer-support schemes to tackle isolation during the pandemic. I commit to try and be as pluralistic as possible, taking into account as wide a variety of nationalities as possible, and considering a gender and sexual orientation division along the spectrum as equal and as wide as possible, in order to effectively cater to all necessities and preferences.

  • Ensure the university is providing students up-to-date and sufficient information regarding border controls, academic schedules and assignments, financial help, as well on COVID-19 related measures.

  • Our university needs to set itself up a “safe space”: a campus that is free and safe of bias, conflict, and unfounded criticism of anyone. I will be working closely with EUSA and organisations such as the BlackEd Movement to see this campaign through.

  • Seek to support feminist and gender equality initiatives as they are essential in unlocking the full potential of our university. It is important to support these movements to shed light on ongoing issues that affect all of us.