Candidate for the position of Vice President Community

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Mary Cox

Putting Inclusivity, Sustainability, and Accessibility at the heart of our Community!

Hi, I’m Mary (she/her) and I’m standing to be your next Vice President Community! I'm a 4th Year Geography Student, Outreach Officer for the Sustainable Development Association and Secretary of the Geographical Society.

My aim is to ensure that Inclusivity, Sustainability, and Accessibility are at the heart of our Edinburgh Community!

Here’s what I plan to do:


  • Work with University accommodation and academic support systems to promote regular check-ins and provide accessible and reliable mental health support for all students 
  • Facilitate student-led workshops with LGBTQ+ students, disabled students, and BME students, to ensure that everyone has their voice heard on campus and by EUSA
    • Work closely with all Liberation Officers and students who self-identify into liberation groups, to support and promote campaigns and events
  • Pressure the University body to improve safety and security for all students both on campus and online, and to take immediate action against acts of abuse, discrimination, and violence
  • Organise and promote more online events to ensure that students feel part of the Edinburgh community wherever they are in the world 
    • Encourage societies to maintain a strong online presence even when in-person activities are able to take place again 
  • Work with local MSPs and Edinburgh-based organisations to establish links for work experience, internships, and career opportunities for state-educated and first-generation University students


  • Work towards the NUS Green Impact Award – embed sustainable practices across the University and wider community, and actively work to address the climate crisis
    • Establish projects such as a ‘Sustainable and Ethical Purchasing and Consumption Plan’ for the Association
  • Take steps to become a carbon neutral Student Association
    • Begin by quantifying EUSA’s carbon footprint 
  • Work with students and societies to create and expand resources which promote sustainable practices within Edinburgh and beyond
    • Develop the Associations Green Guide 


  • Advocate for more green transport around university campuses and the city, and ensure this remains affordable
  • Lobby for increased transport subsidies and reliable transport links for students commuting to Easter Bush, Kings Buildings, the BioQuarter, and Western General
    • Fight for the free Kings Buildings Shuttle Bus to be reinstated
  • Work with local MSPs, councils, and the university to continue the fight for affordable accommodation for students in both University and private accommodation
  • As covid-19 restrictions change, advocate for clear guidance, advice and support for students living in University accommodation, those privately renting, and those using the University as a guarantor
  • Offer more support to students that are moving back to Edinburgh after living at home this year - extend the Flatmates Speed Meets program to all students
  • Develop a EUSA Spotlight program to increase awareness of outreach projects - highlight how students can get involved in groups working in the Edinburgh Community

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