Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (International and Multicultural)

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Waywen Loh

Hi everyone, my name is Waywen Loh, a current 3rd Year student in Medical Sciences! I’m running for Activities Representative for International and Multicultural Societies!

I’m Malaysian-Chinese, and I’ve grew up in a multicultural society in Malaysia. As an international student, I understand fully the need to find a sense of belonging in Edinburgh, which is quite a distance away from home. All we need is a society where we can mingle with people from our own home country. This is important in the new university environment, and I want to be the one you can seek help whenever needed.

I’ve been the Junior Executive and subsequently the Secretary for the Edinburgh Malaysian Students’ Association since 2019. As someone who understands the need for community representation, I have been a Student Representative for the Medical Science course and helped with feedback to help the teaching staff improve on learning experience for students. In terms of culture promotion, I've been elected as the Deputy Cultural Curator in the Chinese New Year Celebration 2019 back in my home country.

As an Activities Rep, I want to be a friendly figure representing all the international and multiracial societies in the university. I want to continue promoting familiar spaces in the university far away from home, to promote the culture of all international societies alike, while also respecting our Scottish/British counterparts.

My priorities are simple, to ensure that international students from every background would be able to be part of the wider Edinburgh community. I want to make sure they have their own safe space they deserve, and also host events to showcase the vibrant culture that the society is proud of to the students at the university. I would make sure that all international societies are represented equally, and be able to secure support, funding and resources for them to host events, and to ensure that these societies are not treated unequally in any way.

Thank you for taking time to read my manifesto! If you'd like to contact me, please email me at !