Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Appreciation)

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Kavan Nelson

My name is Kavan Nelson and I am running to become your next Activities Representative for the Appreciation Category.



I am currently in my 3rd year Studying Medical Sciences BSc Hons. I also am currently president of the Coffee Society, which falls into the bracket of the appreciation category.



I personally set out in creating the coffee society for the 2020/21 academic year, which involved me gathering some like-minded people in order to create the committee for the society and also doing all of the administrative work that comes with setting up a society, as well as marketing it to potential members through social media. It was a challenge setting up a society but it allowed me to sharpen my communication skills and allowed me to build a plethora of connections within the coffee industry. I have also been mainly responsible for putting on events and also chairing committee meetings for the society. I think that through this role I have seen the inner workings of what it takes to create and run a society, and thus it would make me an ideal candidate to be able to advise other societies on the same sort of issues or advise potential new societies.



My goal if I was successful would be to listen to the feedback given by the students that I represent and be able to focus on the issues that matter most to them, as well as being an approachable figure that any student would be able to come to if they need to share any honest thoughts or opinions.

I would be excited to have the opportunity to work as part of a team and oversee new societies and funding applications and work with different like-minded people to work towards a common goal of making our represented categories a better place for students.

Finally, I would like to see more collaboration of societies within the Appreciation category because I believe that a lot of the societies are quite similar in structure and how they run so cross-over events could be advantageous in getting students involved in a society that they otherwise may not have known about and have the opportunity to make new friends in the process.