Candidate for the position of Black & Minority Ethnic Officer

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Marwan Al Lamki





Hi wonderful individual!

I’m Marwan, a second year Law & Politics Undergraduate Student. 

As a dreamer, because of prejudices I’ve experienced & witnessed, I aspire to become a Criminal or International Public Lawyer. With the vision of developing an all-inclusive, well-contextualised legal system that aids disadvantaged sufferers, while interacting with trauma survivors, as a survivor myself, because I hear us.




VP of BAME Law Society during its founding year. I learned about communications channels of relevant stakeholders in the University & wider community regarding taking action on student matters. I also understood challenges faced by BAME students in our communities. 

Manager of The Macmillan Forum. I learnt to listen to, understand & appreciate diverse perspectives. I’m working on projects that use forums as a medium for education & discussion on interdisciplinary matters through intersectional perspectives. 

Spent pandemic founding youth initiatives promoting youth synergy for shared goals internationally.

Served as Director-General at an NGO allowing accessible debates to students globally. 




Identity & diversity are unique & enriching parts of one’s traits.  Therefore discrimination & marginalisation of any form, be it racial or ethnic is blatantly unnaccpetable & cannot be tolerated. 

 As a Muslim, Arab, Omani, International student who was raised in a large extended family with diverse skintones & nationalities, I believe that acceptance & respect for all is a foundatinoal principle that we must firmly uphold. 

So, in light of the recent racial & ethnically directed violence & discrimination I belive that students should feel safe, supported & heard on campus. Because that is our right & liberty.  

If elected, I pledge to always stand up, listen to & represent you & our diverse communities, whether I identify as part of them or not. 




1) Effectively incorporate the intersectionality & interconnected nature of challenges facing our communities, through: 

  • Identifying what you consider discriminatory. 

  • Understanding your perspectives on matters effecting you, by creating polls, holding forums and forming advisory teams to deliberate ideas before presenting to stakeholders.


2. Improve convenient accessibility to information that is relevant to our communities, through: 

  • Organising stand alone orientation events for students. 

  • Designing a system of distributing information to students, in a manner that works for you.


3. End various forms of violence towards our communities, through: 

  • Working with students to author detailed inclusive training workshops for student organisations. 

  • Building a mobile application that acts as an aid to student life.

  • Lobbying & petitioning for security patrols, improving the process of applying for counselling, & submitting complaints. 


4. Foster a sense of unity catalysed by student-led action, through:

  • Working towards a greater sense of respect & understanding of others diversity.
  • Non-monetary sustainable mechanisms of support towards BME related campaigns.