Candidate for the position of Social & Political Science Undergraduate School Representative

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Giuseppe Mea

Hello! My name is Giuseppe and I want to be your School of Social and Political Science Representative and NUS Delegate! Attending the University of Edinburgh is the greatest experience of my life and nothing short of an honour. However, I believe we could get even more out of this incredible opportunity. I have worked on political campaigns and state legislation before so I know what is required to make change and produce the optimal outcome. I have a plan to ensure our success on campus academically, socially and after graduation. Here is my agenda:


  • We all have strengths and weaknesses and I believe it is important to move together as a unit and to pick each other up where we lack. I propose an easy to navigate online page where the maths guy can find the writer and so on. This page would include places to bounce ideas, schedule meetings, or and other academic support on top of the existing support. 


  • It is important we all get to know each other to move forward together so I propose we host more fun social events by popular demand (subject to government restrictions). 

After Graduation:

  • The most important part of our Edinburgh experience and education is how we change the world with it after graduation. I propose we host networking events and work with the careers team to ensure we get the chances to get good jobs in our fields after graduation. The University has successful alumni all over the world who would be more than happy to give back to the community and provide us with careers, apprenticeships, experience, or just career guidance.

All of these goals are only possible when we work together. I have met brilliant people from all over the world here and I look towards all of our futures with great optimism and high expectations. You could be sitting next to the future prime minister or CEO or maybe your future doctor or lawyer. If elected, I will make sure to achieve these goals. I will regularly posting updates from committees and other school updates. I will be a voice for you and make your voice heard. I will respond to any enquiries and will always be open to talking so please reach out with any questions!

Thank You!