Candidate for the position of Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate School Representative

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Tilen Voncina

               I am Tilen Voncina, a 3rd year Astrophysics student from Slovenia and I would like to represent you in the next academic year. I have held several positions where I represented students, such as degree representative in my 2nd year and Student council chairperson in my secondary school. I am also currently a committee member for the Physics Peer Mentoring Scheme and was a tutor last year. I have spent time at the uni before and during COVID and have experienced first-hand life at the school of physics and astronomy in both situations.

               I want to make the students’ experience at the school better by focusing on what I have found lacking, a sense of community.  We all go to the same building to study and we pass each other in the hallways but I feel that there is a serious lack of connectivity between the different year groups and the school. I wish to see something like the Maths Base of Appleton tower be brought into the school as pre-honours students do not really have a good study space at king’s, and some do not feel as included as they could be. I also want to hit on some of the concerns that I have heard brought up at SSLC meetings, such as the lack of hot water at the KB library and a lack of study space in king’s in general. I will also strive to give the students the ability to give their lecturers anonymous feedback at any time. I believe this will improve teaching and give people the courage to bring up concerns or thoughts with their lecturers outside of mid semester feedback.

               Having all gone through a year of virtual teaching, I will work to improve our experience at the uni. Some lecturers have adapted extremely well and others less so; I will work with the students to find what approaches have worked best for us and try to implement them in courses that have not been doing so well.

               I will, of course continue the Shuttle Bus crusade and will fight for it to be brought back after the pandemic is over.

               I see little point in dragging a manifesto out as I will adapt what I fight for based on student feedback and wishes. I hope that you vote for me, but in any case, thank you for voting in the student elections.