Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Services

Image for Kathia Valeria HuitrĂ³n Moctezuma

Kathia Valeria HuitrĂ³n Moctezuma

Multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multilinguistic University experiences.

As an international student I understand the need of making the best of your university time abroad, and that this is tightly related to the interaction with other cultures and languages, united by common interests. I am also aware, coming from a sports, arts and languages background, that interests and passions can be multiple and interdisciplinary, that is why I believe in the importance of good relationships between societies and communities.

My main goals as Vice President Activities & Services will be to:

Increase visibility on social spaces both digital and physical.

By increasing and strengthening their presence on social media and physical spaces, societies, committees, and communities will have the opportunity to be more visible to current and prospect students. This wider reach will allow them to expand which will create more funding opportunities.

Take full advantage of Students' Association Venues

By taking full advantage of the existing Student Association spaces to develop societies’ and communities’ events, we ensure that we are using the available resources to promote and interact with different projects, as well as making the on campus experience an attractive one for all students.

Promote communication and relations between multidisciplinary committees and societies.

By promoting a stronger communication between committees and societies of different disciplines we can build tighter relationships that can help all scopes equally by working together as a team and uniting our voices.