Candidate for the position of Part-time Students' Representative

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Michael Mair

It is difficult to manage to juggle the demands of work, family-life, volunteering and being a part-time student, but none of us who fall into this group would have chosen to study in this way unless we thought ourselves capable and able to meet all the demands placed upon us.  However, the university experience is specifically tailored for full-time students, and that can pose problems for those on part-time courses.  Some of these can be merely annoying, while others can be more significant. If elected, I will lobby in consultation with the sabbatical officers for those on part-time programmes and will faciltate opportunities for part-time students to meet to share the difficulties and stresses of part-time study.

In my working life I am used to facilitating conversations, working on long-term projects and communicating with broad demographics so believe I have the skills necessary to perform this role to the satisfaction of those who would elect me.