Candidate for the position of History, Classics & Archaeology Undergraduate School Representative

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Tatra Blewett-Mundy

Hello! My name is Tatra, I'm a third-year History student and I am asking for you to consider me as your School Representative.

We have an incredible community here in HCA and I believe that we can go even further. As your Rep, I would work to ensure that our voices are heard, that we learn from an incredibly hard year under lockdown, and so that we can be proud of where we are going next. 

My key aims as your Representative would be to: 

  • Use your feedback to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of hybrid teaching
    • Help to improve next semester and to support students in the eventual transition back into in-person teaching
    • Work with lecturers in maintaining the practice of lecture and seminar recordings, as well as the priority of non-exam based assessments where possible
  • Campaign for the de-colonising of the curriculum
    • Work to establish an anti-racist approach to HCA teaching
    • Push for more diverse reading lists
    • Use student and staff feedback on diversity issues to shape these important changes
  • Strengthen community identity
    • Collaborate with HCA societies to create events that bring together all students to establish a strong sense of connection within the School
    • Propose year group events so that all students have connections no matter what course they sign up for
    • Create opportunities for current first years and prospective students to socialise (following government advice) so that no one feels isolated from our community during these times
  • Collaborate with Section and Liberation Officers 
    • To understand all the voices within HCA so as your Rep, I am a point of contact with any issue you may be facing 
    • Build a strong connection between all the different experiences, mindsets, and circumstances so that all are fairly represented  


As 2020 would have forced lots of delays or adjustments to previous promises, I also would work to ensure that anything that had to be postponed will still be seen through if circumstances allow. With lockdown putting many parts of society under a microscope, I believe that we now have a valuable opportunity to learn from the intense challenges we all faced. It also showed us how important our communities are which is why strengthening connections within our School would be a priority for me as your Rep. 

I also believe that we must actively engage with the vital efforts to create an anti-racist society. As a School, we must learn from the conversations on how we relate to our past and demand an education that is truly representative.


Thank you for your time, 

Tatra (she/her)