Candidate for the position of Mathematics Undergraduate School Representative

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Jue Gong

Hi I am Jue Gong, a second year student, majoring Mathematics and Statistics. Previously I used to be a Year 1 Programme Representative in School of Mathematics. During last year I gathered student's opinions through online surveys with the help of my colleagues and then discussed with the relevant staffs and talk about the potential ways to solve them. Hence I think I am familiar with what this role should do.

I wish to be the School Representative in order to improve the quality of the experience of education in School of Mathematics and make studying more accessible to all students during this different and difficult times, which motivates me to take part in this election.

If I am elected, being responsible for math undergraduates is my instinct. If you wish to be anonymous to raise questions, I will be happy to create the confidential channel to receive your response in order to protect everyone's privacy. Besides, I will also try to improve our degree of satisfaction of online learning to ensure that everyone in School of Mathematics, the University of Edinburgh could get the world-class teaching.

Thanks again for spending your precious time on reading my manifesto. Please vote for me and let us make studying in Edinburgh great again!