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David Lennon

Imagine, vote Lennon!

Hello, my name is David Lennon and I want to represent your voice on campus by being your next Vice-President of Activities and Services. 

I have been privileged to play ceilidhs across the University as a member of the folk society ceilidh band. As a result, I have been exposed to the fantastic events, societies, and clubs within our University. Even though the dancing has temporarily stopped, societies, clubs and academic support groups have kept going, a testament to the resilient committees, members and communities found within the University.

I am running for VPAS because it encapsulates and promotes values that make the student experience an experience. As president of the folk society, I care deeply about instilling a sense of belonging for individuals. Everyone deserves to be able to find a club, society or service that helps them grow and makes them happy. I believe my manifesto helps improve the support to these amazing clubs, societies, academic support groups and student employees. 


My Manifesto

My manifesto is based on connectivity, community and collectivism. I want to make it easier for students to receive funding, expand their support networks and improve accessibility and safety for all students on and off-campus.


  • Let societies and clubs access the funding they deserve by making it quicker and easier to apply for small amounts of immediate funding. 
  • Expand the intramural sports infrastructure by improving transport links and subsidising pitch/court/track hire. 
  • Provide ‘Zoom’ membership for academic support groups and other virtual communities.


  • Protect graduating student's access to clubs, societies and events.
  • Push for better working conditions for students employed within EUSA and reward employment milestones. 
  • Celebrate the incredible charitable organisations found within the University and formally recognise individuals' personal dedication and fundraising achievements.


  • Subsidise societies and clubs for hosting teaser events for new members.
  • Connect and support similar societies so they can co-host large events on campus. 
  • Expand the support network for disabled and vulnerable students and improve the accessibility of clubs and societies for all students.           


Imagine, vote Lennon!



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