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  • One Stop Shop For Tenancy Rights - An easily accessible page on the EUSA website where students are able to find out their rights as tenants and access resources to help them negotiate with their landlords. 
  • Support Fair Rent - Support and campaign for parlimentary bills that pushes fair rent.
  • Lobby Local Politicians - Introduce a once per semester seminar where students are able to speak directly with their local MSPs/MPs and are able to voice their concerns with their local councillors, helping them feel like a part of their constituency. 
  • Working Together - Work with important student lead groups such as the 93% Club and Rent Justice Edinburgh in order to come up with ways in which EUSA can help make Edinburgh a more affordable place to live.


  • More Shuttle Busses - Create shuttle busses that travel to accommodation in Leith such as Shrubhill, Murano and Beaverbank. Also strive to create a shuttle bus that will transport students from Central to Easterbush
  • Cheaper Travel Communicate with Lothian Buses/Scotrail in order to try and craft a EUSA deal, meaning that all Edinburgh Uni students may be able to travel for cheaper.

Ready to...get sustainable?

  • End of Year Swaps –  Establish the idea of an end of year swap, where students in halls of residence are given the opportunity to give away items that they are planning on throwing out at the end of the year, helping reduce waste. Possibly see about getting this expanded to all year groups.
  • Zero-Waste Expansion - Work Continuous expansion on the zero-waste shop in 40GS and aim to get this introduced in every EUSA retail shop accross all campuses. 
  • Sustainable Welcome Package – Give students entering halls the opportunity to opt-in for a sustainable welcome package. This will include keep-cups, tote-bags, a list of the recycling points throughout their areas and a guide to sourcing locally produced fruit and veg.
  • More recycling points – Open up more recycling points throughout every campus and building, not just central. Also expand this to halls of residence.

Ready to...join the community?

  • A safer campus – Liaise with campus security to ensure that violent attacks and sexual assaults do not happen on campus.
  • Consent – Create a mandatory seminar for First Years during Freshers week where students will openly discuss consent, and make them aware about the Universities zero tolerance policy. The Univerrsity does have a voluntary learn course on consent, as well as active bystander training, both of which I believe can definitely be expanded and further resourced so all students are required to take them
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