Candidate for the position of International Students' Representative

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Anne-Maelle Penot


I’m Anne-Maelle, I’m from France and currently a 3rd year physics student. I’m running for international student section representative with the hope to improve the University experience for all international students!

The wellbeing of international students matters to me a lot. As a first year, I often felt like an outsider, mainly due to the language barrier. Having had this experience, I want to improve the inclusion of international students in the University no matter their language, their background, or their country of origin.

About me:

I’m passionate about crepes, if it weren’t for Covid you’d see me around the campus handing out these delicious treats *sigh*
Other than that, I’m very open, curious and I love to listen to people’s stories, so feel free to get in touch :)

Things that I would like to implement:

  • Recruit international counsellors who would be more aware of issues specific to international students and who would speak another language on top of English.
  • Review, extend, advertise the resources available for international students: academic English writing courses, specific mental health support for students feeling homesick…
  • Launch an international student survey mental health survey, to find out what our needs and expectations are, in order to implement changes useful to the majority.
  • Increase the support available to student who can’t go home during the winter and summer breaks, for example organising social activities.
  • Reach out to international 1st years, creating an international student mailing list to , as it is often hard to adapt to a new country and language. Taylor the support given by PTs to the needs of international students.
  • Empower international students. Encourage them to get involved into the University life and societies by celebrating achievements of fellow international students and staff.

Take care of yourself and hopefully see you next year in Edinburgh!