Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Volunteering)

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Aditi Jain

Activities Representative (Volunteering)




Hi! My name is Aditi and I’m a 1st year Pharmacology student from Mumbai, India. My 6 years of experience in organising, leading and participating in community service activities + my role as a Welfare Head has made me very people - friendly. It has taught me how to get them involved and engaged in different projects. I would love to be your Activities representative for Volunteering going forward. 

  • In the past 6 years: 
  • 14 Major Leadership Roles 
  • Volunteered with 15+ NGOs 
  • 3 Volunteering based Awards 



 I aim to fill the lives of all the people in need with colour! By making them feel courageous, independent, free, secure and optimistic! 




  • Visibility –
    • I shall make myself available to students who have any questions or want advice about volunteering. 
    • I will encourage and support the creation of volunteering events, fairs and activities through the SU and the Careers Hub. 
    • I shall act as an effective communication bridge between the union and the students by relaying all your opinions and ideas. 


  • Increase One – Off Group Activities -A number of times students have no choice but to volunteer for external organizations and participate individually. This is quite tedious. I plan to organize one - off volunteering activities that will increase the number of group activities that we participate in as a university. 


  • Employability - Volunteering is a great way to make a difference as well as develop personal skills by challenging your self - something employers always looks for. I plan to organise different workshops that will explain how to increase your chances at being a successful volunteer and how best to present your voluntary work to potential employers. 


  • Opportunities - I aim to create more opportunities for student participation from different fields in volunteering activities - by diversifying the projects and involving other societies. I will also strengthen the volunteering infrastructure by working with both the SU and the Careers Service to maximize opportunities. 



I really want to connect students to all the possibilities available to them and see more students becoming volunteers - so as to help the people around us and change the world step by step for the better!      #Let'sBrightenTheWorldogether

However, I shall only be able to do so if you support me. So please vote for me!

Thank you and Stay safe!