Candidate for the position of Activities Representative (Artistic and Creative)

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Fiona Gray

Hi, I’m Fiona

Currently, I’m in 4th year (of 5) studying for a MA in Fine Art. I’m a female, international student from California and I enjoy working with staff and students to improve our experience and want to continue to do that on a larger scale as an Activities Rep.

Previously I have served as a Programme Rep resolving my degree’s issues, ECA School Rep sitting on Student Council, and most recently as Treasurer of the History of Art Society. Through all of this I have experience working with students and staff to solve problems and create new projects. Along with formal roles, I am very active in the universe community, participating in many societies, with friends from all different schools, and hosting lots of events and curating exhibitionts. 

As Activities Rep, I would like to spread more student artwork around the city with a Mural Commission Programme and cross-discipline exhibitions. There is a well of creativity in our institution, yet connections are often missed and collaborations never made. I will strengthen our creative networks so we can all help each other make art, but most importantly I will listen to what you want and work to make it happen. 

Though we may be divided between buildings, campuses, and even countries, we are all part of Edinburgh University and I plan to represent you to the Students’ Association and the wider University.


Contact me and @fiogray on Insta <3