Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Services

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Durrab Ahmed

Balancing life with the new normal – Your Real Democratic EUSA Representative

Hello! I am Durrab - won't take much of your time but following are my practical aspirations for YOU: 

I want to work to make our journey as memorable and as enjoyable as possible because this could be the final tenure of University life for many of us.

COVID-19 pandemic has made it extremely challenging to carry out most events and activities in a normal fashion. If elected, I will encourage the management to reopen University facilities in phases, and resume online and in-person activities by drafting SOPs in line with the Scottish Government’s guidelines so we can have a great varsity experience while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the staff, students and the community.

I aim to empower all the students, communities, societies and groups equally in various campaigns to enhance overall student experience, foster equality and bridge communication channels between different stakeholders.

Vote Durrab for YOUR future!  



Instagram: @durrabahmed