Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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Sophia Constantinou

Never fear, vote Sophia!

My name is Sophia and I’m campaigning to be your next VP Education!

I’m a fourth year Chemistry student and the Undergraduate Representative for the School of Chemistry. I’m extremely passionate about education and am writing my thesis on science education!

Being elected School Rep has thoroughly prepared me for this role. I have worked closely with the current VP Education, sat on college-level committees, and have been involved in decision making for issues like the ‘safety net’ policy that was recently implemented.

In my third year, I was the President of Art Society and I helped found the Animation Society. Taking on these challenges really improved my ability to execute large projects and gave me a lot of experience working with EUSA.


Mitigate the Effects of COVID-19

  • Ensure that students who study subjects with a practical component do not miss out
  • Use feedback from students who have had online workshops and labs this year to improve them
  • Create more opportunities to build practical skills
  • Promote more career opportunities to all departments
  • Increase communication across the academic spectrum
  • Work with the school reps to improve discussion and collaboration between staff and students
  • Ensure each degree has resources (lectures, written guides, reading lists etc.) summarising essential first year content so it is easy to revise
  • Strive for increased transparency on what each school is doing to counteract the effects of COVID-19
  • Create Learn pages for changes to learning during COVID-19 and give students a space to voice their concerns


Improve Mental Well-being

  • Continue to improve the personal tutor system and ensure it is consistent across all schools
  • Make sure all personal tutors contact their students more than once a semester
  • Work with the VP Welfare to lobby for more funding for student counselling services
  • Create more opportunities for students to socialise
  • Work with the VP Activites and Services to set up more academic societies (such as academic families) and ensure societies are included in Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings.



Promote Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Curriculum

  • Regularly communicate with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committees via the VP Welfare, and the Liberation officers
  • Promote more diverse people in the fields you’re interested in
  • Work with the BME officer to address the BME attainment gap
  • Create focus groups with BME students
  • Continue to lobby for the reinstatement of the King’s Buildings Shuttle Bus and work to improve travel options for Easter Bush, Western General, and the BioQuarter


If you have any questions about my campaign please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, Microsoft Teams, or social media!


Instagram: @soph4vpe

Twitter: @soph4vpe