Candidate for the position of Informatics Undergraduate School Representative

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Callum McWilliam

Hello Everyone,

I’m Callum (he/him), a second year CS and Mathematics student (yes I’m insane). Over the past year I have worked as one of the year reps for UG2, which has given me a great insight into how the school runs and has allowed myself to develop an understanding of what does and doesn’t work currently. This along with all that I’ve learnt as a rep over the past year puts me in a great position to act as your school rep and *debug* the school of informatics for the better.

Main Goals


Many students are unaware of how important it is to voice their opinion. I will push for there to be a more central and standardised way for feedback to be collected across all year groups, and make the action taken more visible, to ensure that you know your voice is heard. We also need more contact between Jane Hillston and the year, as I believe this dialogue would benefit the school as a whole. On top of this, more contact between year reps and course organisers would have massive benefits as more immediate issues, that cannot wait for SSLC meetings, can be rectified swiftly.

Course Collaboration and Deadlines

It’s no secret that informatics coursework can overlap heavily, causing disruptions to your learning routine which can be difficult, if not impossible at times, to recover from. I will promote more communication between course organisers which will solve these issues, where possible. A subsequent benefit of this will also be that COs can communicate with what is and isn’t working within their courses and possibly take inspiration from each other.

Student Support

The past year has been difficult for all of us, I will ensure that informatics students continue to get the support they need and push for there to be more resources and sessions in which we can come together and get support from staff as well as each other, even as we transition back to our normal way of life.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

All the best,