Candidate for the position of International Students' Representative

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Un Ieng (Annie) Chan

Hello! I am Un Ieng (Annie) Chan. I am currently in my second year studying Economics and Statistics. I come from Macau, a small region in southern China.  


What motivated me to stand?


Being an international student, I can clearly understand that we encounter lots of issues that are only known to us. In my first year, I have heard some students had issues with accommodation renting and GP medical services' registration. As internationals, we are not familiar with the laws or medical systems, so additional assistance is essential. There are certain areas that support is definitely not sufficient enough and some of them even concern students' basic needs. So, I really hope to strive for better support for all of us, and that's why I decided to stand for this post.


What do I hope to achieve?


1. Provide More Support for Flat Renting and Accommodation Finding

  • Assist students with flat renting/ contract problems
  • Provide more accommodations on Domus, which renting processes are easier for international students 


2. Enhance the Medical Services for International Students

  • Provide more support on GP registration, not only in welcoming week
  • Assist students who have the needs to purchase health insurance 


3. Ensure Overseas Students Can Receive Standard Teaching 

  • Continue to provide various time slots to avoid time difference 
  • Allow students who are not able to attend in-person lab sessions to repeat the course in later semesters for non-credits


4. Create a Platform on Social Media for Cultural Exchange

  • Set up a page for students to share their cultures, like festivals
  • Provide a platform for all the international/ multicultural societies to promote their events


Why should you choose me? 



  • I am a passionate person and a good listener. I am confident that I can bring out the issues and make sure our voices are heard. Moreover, I always persist when doing things, so even if my initial suggestions are not adopted, I am willing to devote time to seek alternative solutions. 


  • I am very approachable and friendly. I love taking part in events and meeting people of new people and I'd like to take the initiative to create an international community for people of all nationalities.



  • I have been a class representative and I am currently the Economics Undergraduate School Representative. Being a school rep gives me the opportunities to get involved in school rep forums and student council meetings, I am now familiar with the structure of EUSA and the different approaches to striving for student rights. 


  • I have also been the publicity officer of the Edinburgh Macau Society and school choir president in high school, This makes me more communicative and improves my leadership. I'm sure I can handle this post since I'm used to having busy schedules and I have good time management.