Candidate for the position of Part-time Students' Representative

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Barza Afzal

Hi everyone,

I am Barza Afzal, a general surgeon and a first year student in Masters in General Surgery, looking to continue making an impact for current and future part time students in University of Edinburgh. In my medical college, I was women student representative of my session. My role was to provide voice, advocacy and support to all women students to ensure that they are heard. My biggest achievement as women representative was to organize regular events to invite accomplished female role models from all walks of life to come, inspire and discuss their journey. Additionally I am incharge of all academic and teaching activities in my current hospital. These roles have not only polished my leadership skills, but have also helped me to demonstrate my team working and communication skills to negotiate and drive policy change.

If elected I would seek to represent part time students by becoming a recognized voice of our cohort, by facilitating better networking and solving the concerns that affect your academic life. I will also promote student interaction via online platform, as most of the classes now are online and the element of social interaction is scarce. Bringing the community together, that you can relate with, will be my priority so that you don’t feel alone at this stressful time in the human history.

I will hold regular online meetings with to find out the major issues that our part time community is facing. I will utilize all my energies to make sure that all students feel heard. I will make sharing of feedback and suggestions easier and most importantly closing the feedback loop.

Studying part time means that you have to sacrifice your working hours, which in turn can be a huge financial burden, uniquely experienced by part time students. I will play my role as your representative that this issue is taken seriously and alternate sources of funding should be provided, especially to self funded students.

I will advocate for innovative ways of learning, example of which can be online video lectures, including animations and illustrations, which will make it easy for the students to grasp difficult concepts utilizing both visual and auditory senses to process newer ideas, rather than traditional text books. This will not only make learning interesting, but will also have a long lasting impact on memory.

Thank you for taking time to read my manifesto. I believe I can represent you well, as I have experience of representation and leadership at various stages of my career and I will prove to be an accessible and accountable representative. I hope that my aim and intentions complement your vision of part time student representative. Please vote for me.