Candidate for the position of Black & Minority Ethnic Officer

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Joel Sodzi

Hi, my name is Joel and I’m campaigning to be your BME Officer for 2021/22, so I can show off our True COLOURs!


About Me: 


I’m a third year English Literature and Classics student. When I’m not working on essays I can be found reading fantasy literature, making memes (this actually takes up a lot of my time), and doing my best to help spread messages of anti-racism and other social issues close to my heart.


Why am I running? 

Over the past year the importance of speaking up against racism and empowering BME voices has never been clearer.


Following the surge in the BLM movement last year, I co-founded with my sister and cousin the FB Page “SODZI” to write articles on racism within our society and share our personal experiences. I was also able to appear on some podcasts discussing these issues. 


As a EUSA employee for 2 years I am familiar with the inner workings of the Students Union. I am a seasoned debater, so speaking up for the BME community is not daunting and I am also used to navigating bureaucracy from my experience with charities such as the Bethany Christian Trust in which I have helped vulnerable people from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.


My experience in discussing racism both in writing and discussion will be invaluable as a Liberation Officer and I want to use my remaining time in Edinburgh to really make a difference. We have a long way to go, but I know that I have the skills and desire to improve the experiences of current and future BME Students at Edinburgh University.

C - Community Support  I will be a voice for the BME community in Edinburgh. Supporting personally via zoom drop in sessions, and expanding the BME peer mentoring scheme, to make our community more accessible and welcoming.  O - Organising more BME events  Rather than restricting events purely to Black History Month and awareness posts, I will organise events celebrating a range of international cultures, from the Ghanaian Day of Independence to the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, reflecting the amazing diversity of Edinburgh’s BME community.  L - Liaising with Student Movements This year we’ve seen a massive a rise in student action. I will use my experience from SODZI to work with student movements to help communicate your thoughts directly with EUSA.  O - Outreach to prospective undergraduates With the University, I will reach out to prospective BME students; making applying to Edinburgh less daunting by demonstrating there is an open and welcoming community already in place to build towards a more diverse student body.  U - University lecturers and curriculum I will continue the brilliant work of past Officers to further diversify the curriculum and look to introduce a more inclusive range of lecturers and tutors.  R - Report and Support System  The terrifying incidents that have occurred within the last year, directly attacking, affecting and concerning UoE students, has especially rocked the BME community. I will push EUSA to create a Report and Support system to protect our community and make everyone feel safe.