Candidate for the position of Edinburgh Medical Undergraduate School Representative

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Tara Kinney

Hi! I'm Tara, a first year undergraduate Medical Student.

As I'm sure many of you will agree, our university experience this year has been far from what we expected. Whether it is your first year here, as it is for me, or if you are much further through your degree, I know that many of us have found that it often feels as though we are not being listened to, and that our concerns are not being taken into consideration.

If I were elected, I would aim to improve this in the following ways.

Increasing the Impact of the Student Voice

  • Acting as a link between the student body, course organisers and lectures - gathering feedback from my peers and ensuring that it reaches the correct member of staff
  • Informing the year group about the results of Feedback Questionnaires, and what steps the course organisers will take to improve the courses as a result
  • Gathering individual opinions from each cohort to highlight the priorities of different years

Improving the Educational Experience

  • Aim to increase the frequency of feedback to students, especially those working remotely or off-campus, to give guidance on improving and developing their academic skills
  • Improve communication between the medical school and students in regards to how and when study spaces and facilities will reopen
  • Improve communication with students with regard to current restrictions and changes to in-person/online teaching

Improving Student Integration

  • To organise events (online or, when possible, in person) to develop links within and between years

As a fresher who has spent most of her first year in front of a laptop, I am aware that my view of the medical school, and its communication with the student body, may be slightly skewed - but I am eager to improve and develop this for current years, and for those who follow.