Candidate for the position of Mature Students' Representative

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Jennifer Christoff

Hello, I’m Jenn, a 36-year-old currently in 2nd year of the MSc Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health programme.  Having been a mature student for two of my three postsecondary experiences including here at University of Edinburgh, I understand well the many challenges that come with being a mature student.  Juggling education, financial and career concerns as well as responsibilities for older parents or children, or the struggles of “going it alone” as a single adult, can all impact our ability to engage fully with our studies and University peers.  Conversely, being a mature student also provides a wealth of life experience that can add a realistic depth and understanding to school and extra-curricular activities.

As an elected Section Representative, I will use our unique experiences to ensure the University of Edinburgh remains a welcoming and accommodating place for mature students as well as giving a passionate, strong voice to any concerns raised.  Whether you are an undergrad or PhD student, in your twenties or returning to school after twenty years, I will listen to and work with the community of mature students to ensure we achieve our full potential and share our valuable experience with the broader University community.